Always Bring Along these items While Staying in a Hostel There are differences between packing to stay in a hotel over a hostel but not rocket science to understand. First and foremost, try to avoid bringing your expensive items such as laptops, DSLR cameras, jewelries etc. This is because you will be sharing your room with other travelers. Now, let’s focus on those items […]

Scuba Diving Vacation In Malaysia

On the eastern outskirts of Malaysia, you will find the most popular scuba diving destination in all of Malaysia, Sipadan. Pulau Sipadan Island is a legend among divers with well-traveled divers making regular trips to the region and less-traveled ones putting Sipadan at the top of their dive wish list. Even Jacques Cousteau raved about […]

Awesome Advantages of Staying in a Hostel

Courtesy-bstatic There are many benefits when it comes to staying in a hostel. For one; it is budget-friendly, get to meet tons of travelers, offer better facilities and service, get to experience as if you’re staying in your own house etc. If you’ve read or heard from your friends or family members about their experience, […]

Do You Have Plans To Visit Jerusalem?

Once you have decided to visit Jerusalem for the upcoming holidays, you may have collected much information as possible about this city. The best thing about this city is that it is one of the first tourist destinations in the world. For several thousand years, people belonging to Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have visited this […]

Best Beaches to Visit in Philippines

Courtesy-thecrazytourist Bali and Thailand are probably 2 of the best and most popular destinations in South Asia comprising of beautiful and stunning beaches. Due to which not many try to understand how beautiful Philippines as a country also is. Packed with over 7000 small islands, there are tons of beautiful, pristine and wonderful beaches in […]

Avoid Doing These Things While Traveling

Courtesy-twimg There are tons of blogs to read and videos to watch when it comes to traveling. You see vloggers expressing their experience on the internet by showcasing something different, exciting and fun. However, traveling the world is not an easy task. For instance; first time travelers make mistakes related to ending up spending a […]