Experience Visiting a Vineyard


It's a great time of year to take a trip to a vineyard. The weather is cool and pleasant, the vineyard will be lush green filled with orchids and berries. Irrespective whether you're going to for a wine tasting or to simply have a good time here are a few pointers: 

  1. Research – Look upon a few wineries before you set out to visit one, explore your choices. Know that if you're planning on visiting a winery that's recently come up there are minimal to zero chances of you getting to taste any kind of wine. It takes years for a winery to produce wine so it's preferable to go to an old one. Else you can always call and confirm before going. 
  2. Know your preference – Different wineries produce different kinds of wine so it's always helpful to know what kind of winery you're going to. If you wish to have sour wine and end up going to a winery that makes fruit wine it will be an absolute disappointment 
  3. Planning a few layovers – Whether you're visiting alone or in a group, make it a point to plan a few stops. You want to consume the entire day at the vineyard. You can also shop here for wine and fruits 
  4. What to expect during the tasting – If you're a first-timer you are helped out by a few, they explain how the wine is made, what will it taste or smell like, what kind of grapes or berries were used and if fortunate enough you'll be taught the ethical way of tasting wine; seeing, swirling, smelling, sipping, savouring and finally selecting. 

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