Always Bring Along these items While Staying in a Hostel

There are differences between packing to stay in a hotel over a hostel but not rocket science to understand. First and foremost, try to avoid bringing your expensive items such as laptops, DSLR cameras, jewelries etc. This is because you will be sharing your room with other travelers. Now, let’s focus on those items you should bring along while staying in a hostel for a memorable stay.

  1. Facemask for Sleeping – A small yet important item you shouldn’t forget at home is a facemask. This item will help you during your sleep regardless whether if it’s during the day or night. Since, you may have to share your room where others may be constantly flickering with the lights, this item will let you sleep like a baby.
  2. Earplugs – Next in line is earplug that let you concentrate if you’re going to be working. Additionally, this item will also let you sleep with the help of a facemask in case you don’t want to be bothered.
  3. Headphones that Cancels Noise – This item comes handy especially if you’re traveling for long journeys. For instance; if you don’t want to be disturbed from the noise coming from a flight engine, bus or train, noise cancellation headphones are considered to be the best.
  4. Padlocks – probably this item should be considered as number one while traveling and staying in a hostel. This handy item helps in case you’re traveling during peak season where hostel lockers may become full to keep your items. During such an event, you need to ensure safety of your items.

Bring these items while staying in a hostel in Thailand.

Awesome Advantages of Staying in a Hostel


There are many benefits when it comes to staying in a hostel. For one; it is budget-friendly, get to meet tons of travelers, offer better facilities and service, get to experience as if you’re staying in your own house etc. If you’ve read or heard from your friends or family members about their experience, then you too should consider during your next travel. These are some of the advantages of staying in a modern hostel.

  1. Cheaper – As mention earlier, staying in a hostel is more budget-friendly even if you compare with the cheapest of hotels. Moreover, the facilities offered by hostel are simply awesome. And additionally, you will be charged only a small amount if you desire to extend your stay.
  2. Great Hospitality – When it comes to the hospitality, you are bound to experience great ones indeed. The staff is soft-spoken and will help you whenever you require them. Additionally, language is not much of a barrier as hostel staffs can speak in more than 3 languages.
  3. Diversity – You are bound to experience diversity as travelers from different parts of the world come to stay in hostels. This offers a great opportunity to learn about them.
  4. Make Friends – As you experience diversity while staying in a hostel, it is also a great opportunity to make friends. Hostels have common or communal rooms where all travelers get together to know and learn from one another.

These are some of the advantages of staying in the best hostels of Thailand.

Avoid Doing These Things While Traveling


There are tons of blogs to read and videos to watch when it comes to traveling. You see vloggers expressing their experience on the internet by showcasing something different, exciting and fun. However, traveling the world is not an easy task. For instance; first time travelers make mistakes related to ending up spending a lot while others travel with a heavy luggage that makes their traveling uncomfortable. These are a few tips you should learn and avoid them while traveling especially for the very first time.

  1. No Exchanging at Airports – Before you start traveling, make sure you get your currency exchanged at banks. Airport exchange rates aren’t that great. However, you can get it exchanged in case you need it for emergency situations.
  2. No Eating at Popular Tourist Sites –Food is something one cannot ignore and you will definitely be excited to try out some delicious local delicacies. Make sure you enjoy the dishes at tourist sites that aren’t so popular because popular sites are flocked with tourists. This is where cafes and restaurants charge you a lot of money.
  3. No Staying in Hotel – Spending a few days and nights in a hotel is going to be expensive. Instead of hotels, consider staying in hostels for a better service along with tons of fun activities with other travelers.
  4. No Using Bank Cards that Charge Extra Fees – Make sure you already have a card that can be used without the bank charging you additional fees. This will help you to save more and splash the savings for enjoying different activities.

Thailand hostels are where you should consider your stay for the best experience.