Scuba Diving Vacation In Malaysia

On the eastern outskirts of Malaysia, you will find the most popular scuba diving destination in all of Malaysia, Sipadan. Pulau Sipadan Island is a legend among divers with well-traveled divers making regular trips to the region and less-traveled ones putting Sipadan at the top of their dive wish list. Even Jacques Cousteau raved about the diversity of marine life that could be found in the waters surrounding Sipadan.

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Turtles are abundant here, and it is not uncommon to be able to watch them for lengthy periods munching away at algae and sponges or lazing around on wall shelves. The amount of macro life that inhabits the walls is also staggering. You could literally while away hours of precious scuba diving time zeroing in on these tiny, wonderful creatures.

Sipadan is also home to some of the most popular scuba diving sites to be found in all of Malaysia. Putting it mildly, Barracuda Point is famous for barracuda sightings. Actually the barracuda sightings reported at Barracuda Point are not mild by anyone's standards. While scuba diving the point, many divers have reported being caught up in a swirling vortex of chevron.

Grey reef sharks are also frequently spotted in this favorite Malaysia dive spot as are parrotfish and turtles. The Drop off is not only the best shore dive in Malaysia, it is often regarded as the best shore dive in the entire world. There is no doubt that scuba diving in Sipadan, Malaysia is among the best to be had anywhere in the world.