Maintaining Your Air Compressors

Do you work in the sector or the automotive industry, the air compressor is an important part of daily operations. Compared with fuel, electricity and compressed air water is regarded as the fourth utility. 

If the air compressor is being handled commonly, then you should understand how vital it is to accurately maintain the machine. However, often the maintenance of equipment is just ignored until it stops operating. 

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Therefore, it is very important to properly maintain the equipment for the production of effective, reliable, and profitable equipment.

Although the simple basic functions, many different parts of the complex cooperate for the air compressor to operate smoothly. Therefore, like other parts of mechanical equipment such as lawnmowers or locomotives, air compressors  also need regular maintenance.

Care and safety

Proper training before operating an air compressor is a necessity. While the use of the equipment is important to understand all of the safety risks, people should wear personal protective equipment. 

Before maintenance is important to check that the power is turned off and vent all air pressure. During maintenance, it is important to be careful both of the high air pressure and hot pressurized lubricant.


As you know that every automotive vehicle requires regular oil changes to keep the lubrication between the parts. In the same way, the compressor too requires regular changes in the lubricant. properly lubricated equipment plays an important role in the smooth running kit. 

Failed to change the lubricant, the result of contamination, clog filters, and damage to internal parts. The damage that occurs in the internal parts will shorten the period of the equipment and may even abandon it to function accurately.