The Power of a Single Customer View

Customers now want the best of all worlds. Good old fashioned personal service, brands understand and empathize with them but who can give them what they want, right away?

Offering exciting customer experience, personal communications, and pre-emptive service is not a new concept, they've been there since the shopping begins. You can navigate various online sources and find more about single customer view.

What has changed, however, is how people shop. Internet, Digital transformation, e-commerce, next day delivery or even the same and change your lifestyle completely changed the face of retail, all within a relatively short space.

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Earlier, what is quite easy to give when you have a relatively small number of customers who all live nearby, and you see every day, suddenly became more complex and challenging. It is also becoming more important because the customer experience is a real battlefield for business.

Single Customer View (SCV): the key to personalization

Before an organization can compete on customer experience, they need to compete on customer data. An SCV must be at the heart of everything the business does not, because it has the power to allow for increased personalization and improve customer engagement.

The main challenge

Not surprisingly, organizations have long been trying to develop the perfect SCV. It is still a major struggle for two main reasons.

First, the sheer amount of data that organizations evolve ever have to deal with, both structured and unstructured.

Second, the data is still stored in multiple formats and structures in departmental silos of information, especially when the business has grown rapidly or through acquisitions.