Know About Saber Drafting Systems Online

Drafting of animals into groups accurately is an essential part of the management of the herd on the farm. If the system is not designed properly, herd management process can be very frustrating and time consuming. If you have a large herd, it becomes more important for you to have an accurate preparation. 

That is the reason why the majority of dairy farmers in New Zealand has been the automated system as the technology of preparation that they want to have in their milk in the first place. If you want to learn about the best preparation system from New Zealand, you can visit

Best automated drafting system will perform some tasks. For example, identifying cattle selected for preparation and then compile them as needed. This task of drafting to be done very precise, uninterrupted cow flow. Drafting system must also have a convenient interface to select cows for preparation.

Drafting System Placements

Any system of preparing successful if it takes care of the cows travel lane, the location and design pages raceway. You need to consider the below mentioned when setting up the system preparation:

First, you need to have an automatic drafting gate displaying races and sorting gates. You can buy Saber Draft, automatic sorting gate for your farm.

firm cow flow is essential to the success of automatic preparation. Therefore, it would be better if the system comes remotely from the exit of the milk. In this way the cow will not be disturbed by the activities of the rouge.