Getting Permanent Visa For Australia On Account Of Marriage

If any person is getting married to an Australian citizen for the whole purpose of applying for permanent residency it is very important to understand a few important points. The most authentic information can be provided only by the department of immigration and border protection about applying for PR or citizenship.

Authorized marriage celebrants are often asked lots of queries and questions by couples about visas, permanent residencies, and citizenship.  To know more about partner visa visit

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So many companies give them advice and assist them by providing reliable information form DIBP and help them by giving appropriate websites and in case they need further assistance it’s better to contact DIBP.

Marriage celebrants mustn't give any incorrect information or any information that they are not sure of. They must try and avoid advising about visa applications and the chances of obtaining permanent residency or citizenship within Australia.

The main responsibility is to ensure the intention of the act of marriage and the two people marrying each other are genuine and have the real intention of marrying each other according to the definition of marriage in Australia. According to the law in Australia is the union of a woman and a man to the exclusion of all others willingly intruded into our life.

Authorized Celebrant also helps you in obtaining your standard marriage certificate on your behalf and also does all the documentation required for registering your marriage and also solemnizes your marriage. They will help you and assist you in obtaining the standard marriage certificate. They will also help you to lodge the notice of intended marriage.