Benefits of Best Personal Trainer in South Surrey

Personal trainers in South Surrey seem to be dime-a-dozen, but putting PT after a flashy name does not make a personal trainer good – or good for you. The goal in finding a personal trainer is to match personal needs to the interests, qualifications and experience of the health and fitness professional. The key is knowing the goal, understanding the offer and then finding the best match.

Hiring group & personal fitness classes in South Surrey is a big investment, even for those going relatively low-budget. It’s worth spending some time identifying personal motivation, goals and lifestyle limitations before settling on a personal trainer, especially when living in a bustling and expansive city like South Surrey.

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Following are the main benefits of hiring a personal trainer in South Surrey:

  • Feel the power

If the goal is to improve strength and build muscle, the best personal trainer is one who focuses on weight training combined with cardio. Prospective clients should look for a facility that offers Olympic lifting platforms and free weights. Muscle building can plateau and there is a higher risk of injury, so the best personal trainer is one who has plenty of experience and solid qualifications.

  • Improve performance

For elite athletes, improving performance is a common goal. Plyometrics are important to keep fast-twitch muscle fibres active. A varied programme that includes interval training, explosive movements, strength and flexibility is important. The best personal trainer will be one who has been a professional athlete or has a wealth of experience coaching elite athletes.

  • Stamp out stress

Managing South Surrey stress is crucial to keeping up the pace without burning out. The best personal trainer is one who can combine the stress-reducing effects of moving meditation such as yoga, tai chi or qi gong with the cortisol-releasing effects of HIIT. Weight training is proving to be a great way to increase confidence and empowerment. Find an all-rounder with an open mind and a wide range of techniques.


Surgery, injury or illness can get in the way of performing activities of daily living as well as put the brakes on what was once a great programme. Here the best personal trainer is one who can work with physiotherapists, biokineticists and nutritionists to find the best way forward. What’s needed is a team player who sees a setback as an opportunity to change for the better.


Total Body Transformation is something most people only fantasise about. If it’s a serious goal, go all out to find the personal trainer who will push to the limit with a varied routine that always challenges. It’s easy to pick up injuries in a TBT programme, so the best personal trainer is one who works in a team specialising in Total Body Transformation challenges.

Finding the perfect facility

Having the best personal trainer won’t help much if the facility is poorly equipped, inaccessible or simply dingy. A pleasant environment that inspires the best from trainers and clients alike is essential to a successful personal training experience. London personal training facilities vary widely in what’s on offer, so choose wisely.