Antenatal Care Needs Improvement

Parental and neonatal mortality remained high in low-resource environments despite growth in recent years. High-quality prenatal care can meet these high levels of mortality.

Prenatal care means high-quality women receive all recommended services necessary for a successful pregnancy. You can also look for the best antenatal care via an online source.

antenatal care

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But it is not only to receive services; The experience of women accounts. High-quality care is person-centered, which means it is respectful and attentive to the needs and preferences of women.

This type of care can prevent or identify and manage complications or preexisting conditions that could cause problems during pregnancy. ANC reception quality can also make it more likely that women will go to skilled care during childbirth, which is essential for the management of complications at birth for preventing morbidity and mortality.

National guidelines for obstetrics and perinatal recommend four complete prenatal care visits and targeted. The guidelines also require suppliers to treat each visit as if it may be the one to ensure that patients receive thorough care.

The study found that the greatest women received essential services such as monitoring of blood pressure and urine tests at least one during pregnancy. However, he found that they did not routinely receive at each visit as recommended by the guidelines.