What Is The Meaning Of Your Birthstone?

In recent years, birthstone jewelry has been gaining popularity. These stones make great jewelry, but they are also very exclusive to those who wear them.

The power of almost all gemstones is known. This is why they are often used in birthstone jewelry like june birthstone, august birthstone, etc. Every gemstone has an extraordinary power that makes it unique to those born in the same month as it.

The January birthstone is garnet. This red-colored stone is believed to protect the wearer from poisoning and purify the blood. The February gem, amethyst is associated with calmness and quiet. It is also believed to prevent intoxication.

The birthstone of March is the bright blue aquamarine. It is believed that mariners consider it sacred because of its blue color.

Because of its universal recognition, many of us might have jewelry that is April's birthstone, the diamond. Because April is their birthstone, those born in April may hold their diamond jewelry closer to their hearts. This stone is the symbol of true love.

May's birthstone is Emerald. It is believed to have the ability to make the wearer psychic.

If you were born in June, your birthstone would be pearl. In many cultures, the pearl is a symbol of love and strength. July's birthstone is the red ruby. Many believe it supports love conditions.