Tips to Ensure a Smooth Time and Attendance Installation

An automatic time and attendance tracking device is the way for your company to save money and get rid of the frustrations and errors of a manual process. Once the decision is made to increase the efficiency, manage labor costs and maximize profits by installing a time and attendance system, preparation for the installation process should start.

Here are some essential tips to ensure a smooth time and attendance installation. Also you can browse the site- and get the best ways to install your T&A device.


Before you research possible vendors, you need to do your internal needs analysis. Start by assessing your current time & attendance system; set your goals including a ROI for a new system; assemble your team of users; develop a budget; and finally select a vendor whose credentials and applications can meet your current needs as wells as future changes.


Equally imperative is full disclosure of company operating rules, payroll policies and procedures. A package will be provided for the installation team to complete. The more accurate and thorough the information provided, the more easily and quickly the time and attendance installation will progress. In this case, more is better.

The more information the time and attendance software company is provided, the more they can match the organizations expectations, and ensure compliance with company and mandated guidelines. Brain storm about all organizational policies: for example, tip pooling, accruals, holiday rules, department specific rules, and rules specific to executives only.


Underlying all the prior steps is the need for open, constructive communications among all parties involved in the process and affected by the installation. The Project manager needs to own and direct the dialogue between their internal team and the vendor. Most important is providing Managers with the reasons for the need to implement the new system, getting their buy-in and finally communicating the positives of the change to the hourly users.


The measure of a successful installation is the daily productive use by the managers and employees of the new Time and Attendance system. Achieving this end is directly attributable to the quality and scope of training provided, and mandatory participation by the users.