The Best Protective Rugby Head Guards In Vaughan

Rugby is a controlled aggressive game and ranks high on being one of the most dangerous contacts sports ever. You name it – handling, catching, passing, kicking, tackling, and taking a break – there are ample opportunities for injury.

To help minimize bruises and serious injuries, there are several protective items that rugby players can wear – these include body protection suits, braces, gloves, mouth guards, tackle suits, and custom sports mouth guard.

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Protective rugby headgear is important as it helps reduce soft tissue damage and acts as a shock absorber to blows on the head. Traditional head guards are known as scrum caps or ear protectors and are thin cloth caps with a little padding which helps protect the player's ears.

Recently, soft padding around the head has also been introduced to keep the head and brain safe. Today, thanks to technology, comfortable, lightweight, and affordable head guards have been developed.

The International Rugby Board has approved certain brands of head guards – only these can be worn in rugby matches. Here are some of the best protective rugby head guards available today:

Rugby Head guard: This Helmet Pro is renowned for its lightweight protection ratio. It has shock dampening and air circulation and an internal guidance system and adjustable fixation parts for comfort and a perfect fit.

Rugby Head guard: This headgear has a 3-dimensional fit and is fully flexible giving a superior fit. It has strategic air vent sections that improve airflow and cut out ear parts for improved communication on the field. It has a cross lace method and an improved adjustable chin strap for comfort.