The Role of IT in Business Intelligence

Many businesses are slow to adopt business intelligence despite flourishing growth. Business is in doubt about why they consider the solution to empty IT budgets is full.  You can get more information about BI reporting via online sources.
While it is often the true implementation of business intelligence solutions that might need to escape your IT budget (when it was carried out by an internal group or with a third party supplier of enterprise solutions), it does not mean that the alternative will continue to empty the funding.
After the execution of this circumstance, a business intelligence solution shouldn't be touched by IT.  Just as you do not need a C-level executive, creative manager, or business development specialists to build a data warehouse or run a batch job, you do not want your IT resources to work on a solution that no longer needs interaction.
The beauty business intelligence solution is that anyone can make use of it. A custom dashboard will usually set up so that anyone with basic computer familiarity can make their own accounts and manipulate the information in front of them.  

This includes your company's decision-makers, who must be those getting their hands dirty after the actual implementation phase is complete.  The end-user has a fundamental knowledge of something such as Microsoft Office suite (for Microsoft Excel), then they should be comfortable within the bounds of business intelligence solutions.
The amount of simplicity that makes an effective business intelligence solution from being a long-term drain on your IT budget.  
Upfront implementation costs might be much to gut depending upon the magnitude of the solution and means of execution, but once it is ready to go, the ROI becomes immediately apparent in the form of an increase in the efficiency of decision-makers – that more often than not the most expensive resource in a company.