What to Expect from an Ayahuasca Retreat Center?

There is a wide variety of ayahuasca retreat centers offering the type and level of accommodation and service are different. Those with a higher price usually offer more comfortable accommodation, pre-screening, a higher number of helpers and organizers, additional services, translators, first aid kit, and support, and other security measures.

Accommodations and Services

Accommodation in the lower price range is usually quite rural, with little or no additional services. Food safety is often adapted to the diet and can vary in detail. Some may allow chicken, fruits, and fish, while others only allow vegetables and eggs.

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Some do not require dietary restrictions at all. While most of the retreat centers owned and managed by foreigners, some actually run by locals.

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The total ceremony can vary from retreat to retreat. Various retreats may offer a ritual every night, but it is good to remember that this is emotionally, physically, and mentally tiring. With this frequency of the ceremony, you may not be able to properly participate in each ceremony.


Most retreats require half or full payment in advance with or without limited options for replacement in case you cancel your trip or if you decide during a retreat that does not suit you.

It's always a good idea to consult many independent ayahuasca or ayahuasca testimonials web pages before booking your forum retreat.


Some ayahuasca retreat offers medical pre-screening questionnaires or personal interviews to make sure you are safe participation.

Know About Shamanism And its Work

Preceding all organized religion, shamanism is, in itself, is not a religion. Because shaman complies with the belief that there is a direct relationship between healing and the spiritual world is easy to equate shamanism as a religion.

Shamans act as an intermediary between the natural world and the spiritual world. Although some claim shamanism is not a sect. Admittedly, some have associated themselves cult for some basic shamanic practices. You can find best retreats, shamans, therapists near your area.

It seems that the interest here is the use of hallucinogenic drugs. It is doubtful if the user actually brings an understanding of reality or uses their energy to heal someone.

A shaman communicates with the spiritual world for several reasons. Among other things, the primary one is to heal the sick soul. Others include reading the future; ask for success in a particular business, or to function as a psychopomp.

Whatever it is that must be resolved, healer connects with the axis Mundi to create a special relationship with the Spirit and in some cases, actually gain control over them.

Despite rumors and myths, in general, a shamanic practitioner is not involved in bringing about the dangers of 'evil' with someone.

Quackery is not a specific set of beliefs instilled in a uniform system organized around the world. This does not mean there is no similarity. The main similarity is the recognition of the spiritual world and the existence of spirits.