Step-By-Step Description About Video Production Process

Video explaining the production is a multi-step process that involves more than one expert.

Typically, a production team consists of a video explaining Screenwriter, Storyboard Artist, Illustrator, Animator, Voiceover Artist, and Sound-Effects Artist. Each of the six players plays a unique role in contributing to the production of the video. You can find more about the corporate video production in Toronto via

Here is an explanation of a step-by-step Video Production Process.

Step I: Understanding the Client Brief

The first step of the production process involving the explainer video will go through a brief client (questionnaires filled out by the client), to understand his / her enterprise and video needs. Usually, it is the script that goes through this process. In case of any doubt or question, the interaction between the playwright and the client set.

Step II: Research and Brainstorming

Once all relevant information has been collected from the client, a secondary study (if required) is done, to understand the business better. briefly explained the storyboard artist and animator. After the two had a brief understanding, they sit down with the scriptwriter to visualize the storyline video, decided characterizations and other visual elements, and settle on how the elements will be animated. Once everything is decided, video scripts created.