Secrets of Successful E-Learning Course Design

For every student who reports good experiences using e-learning, there is much more that can guarantee a truly terrible experience. The typical criticism of dissatisfied students is that the course they take is boring.

Usually, they report, it involves nothing more than clicking on an endless screen of boring content. Many dissatisfied students swear they will do their best to avoid taking more learning courses. You can also visit to find out about the best e-learning course development services available online.

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If this describes your reaction or the reactions of students in your organization, read on. This article introduces a different approach to boredom removal in the design of learning courses, guaranteed to keep your students engaged, motivated, and learning (most importantly).

The first step to success involves moving from a content-centered approach to the design of your study program. Is content important? Should that be the only driving force behind your development?

If this seems like a confusing response, consider this. The more you focus on content early in your development process, the more likely you will end up with an outline of highly structured content that is read like a book.

Let's think for a moment about your students and what they might do in the ordinary days of their work lives. Whatever their job role, they most likely need knowledge and skills to solve problems, make decisions and carry out various tasks, some are repetitive and often, others are more complex and rare.