Questions People Keep On Asking About Eyelash Extensions

Improving your appearance is one of the most popular things for most people. Of all the improvements, lash extensions are probably one of the most popular.

The fact that they can completely change the appearance of faces is the main reason why they are so sought after these days. You can also buy mink eyelashes by Glad Lash.

Given that women are so busy with household chores and work these days, there is very little time to use eyelash curlers, let alone apply false lashes every morning.

However, not many people realize this. Your knowledge of lash care is limited to using mascara, threading, and tweezers. Eyelash extensions have many problems that need to be addressed immediately.

Some of the most popular questions are:

What are eyelash extensions?

Generally, eyelash extension is associated with the thickening and lengthening of the lashes. The individual strands are bent so that they look like natural lashes.

Then this thread is attached to the natural lashes with the help of glue. This creates very full and beautiful lashes.

Is this extension only available in one type?

Not. There are basically three types of lash extensions available. These are 3 – silk, synthetic, and mink.

What is the size of this extension?

Extensions are available in a variety of sizes from 6mm to 17mm.

What type of adhesive is used to apply for the extensions?

The glue used is usually semi-permanent and is specially designed for attaching extensions to natural lashes. Since it doesn't contain a lot of chemicals, it won't irritate your eyes.

If you think such adhesives are allergic to your skin, rest assured that they are not. There are different types of adhesives and you can easily choose the one that suits your skin's sensitivity.