Mouthwash And Preventative Dental Care In Portland

From an early age you hear that preventive dentistry is better than restorative dentistry. Proper oral hygiene and tooth brushing at home, as well as regular dental examinations and professional teeth cleaning, are magic formulas to reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and other dental problems. 

As an adult, you might have one or two random days or periods of your life where you don't always take it to the dentist, or you are too tired to brush your teeth before going to sleep. You can get more information regarding preventive dental care via

Is the mouthwash spilt?

There is debate about whether mouthwash is needed for proper preventative dental care at home. The conclusion so far is not conclusive, so it remains a patient's personal preference. In many patients, a mild burning sensation and a fresh mouth taste are often associated with a freshly cleaned mouth. The use of mouthwash has advantages and disadvantages. So it is up to each patient whether the use of mouthwash is beneficial or beneficial.

Case against mouthwash

The main concern and reluctance of patients to use mouthwash is the amount of sugar and alcohol as ingredients. Sugar particles can stick to your teeth and collect, creating a layer of film on top of your teeth.

This film, which also consists of microbes and bacteria, can collect and form plaque, which destroys tooth enamel. Some people who take oral health seriously might ask why they choose to expose their teeth and gums to potentially dangerous sugar when brushing their teeth.