Know More about Availing Visa Services

You need to gather the necessary documents, prepare for interviews, and eventually track the status of a visa to a specific resource.

Here is a sample list:

1. Foreign Passport

2.  color photos measuring 3.5 x 4.5 cm (80% of the face)

3. copy of the internal passport

4. copy of the marriage certificate

5. Agreement visa application center with a signature.

6. Form for the Consulate filled with letters printed in Latin by a blue pen

7. For employees: employment certificate, which contains the position, seniority, vacation time and wages of employees in the last 6 months. For getting more information about visa services you can go to this site.

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8. For private entrepreneurs: original and copy of company registration documents issued by the local authorities and the final tax bill.

9. Confirm your own resources funding

After submitting all documents, you can check the visa status after three days. We will discuss how to do this below.

Passport and visa

These documents are an important part for people who visit various European Union countries, the United States and other countries where a visa is required to enter. Passports and visas are the main documents that must be provided by the person to enter. visas can be obtained in other countries consulate or embassy. Sometimes, this problem can also be solved by the centers accredited visa. You can also get a visa at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office.