Introduction To Artificial Intelligence

This series of articles is generally focused on the theme of artificial intelligence (AI). We'll start by looking at what the AI is, and cover the various ways it can be implemented and applied using computers and modern technology in other articles.

Artificial intelligence is a broad field, and far from isolated computers, it includes many other disciplines such as neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology. 

The uses and applications of AI are numerous and varied, and although many consider humanoid robots when we consider the AI, you may be shocked to know that we have already applied the AI encounter in our everyday life. For more reference, you can read the european business review.

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AI is full of big questions – how an entity think? How he does not know or solve a problem? A machine can really be smart? What is intelligence? The answer to these questions may not be easy, but there is an answer that stares us in the mirror we know that the quest for knowledge is attainable.

The long-term intelligence is also open to interpretation, so we end up with very different definitions of what AI is. The definitions we have with however manage to fall into one of two categories – they are either centered on the process used to achieve the goal or behavior.