Green Tea- an Antioxidant Powerhouse

You've no doubt heard a lot recently about the benefits of green tea: how it helps people live longer, healthier lives, how it contains powerful antioxidants and other therapeutic compounds, how it can help promote weight loss. Well, research indicates that all of these claims may be true, and scientists are discovering more green tea benefits by the day.

Today, medical research has investigated hundreds of claimed benefits of green tea, especially in the incidence appears to lower cancer in many studies. While the results have been mixed, there does not appear to be a link. You may buy the organic herbal tea by browsing (which is called tisane bio en naviguant sur in the French language)

The health benefits of green tea are the most likely in the fight against LDL cholesterol. The incidence of cholesterol-related heart disease in Asia follows a traditional diet – including green tea and seafood – much lower than in most other populations. While much can be ascribed to a much higher level of omega 3 are included in such a diet, it appears that some of these benefits also come from green tea.

The benefits of green tea also seem to include stress reduction and other unexpected effects. When applied directly to the skin, it helps people with radiation damage to the skin, indicating it may have other benefits for sensitive and damaged skin. One study found that drinking green tea three times a day increases the metabolic rate by four percent on average, which suggests it might be useful as a fat burner.

Since caffeine, pregnant and nursing women should drink in a smaller amount. People who have anxiety problems and irregular heartbeat should drink in moderation. The health benefits of green tea in these people may be offset by the risks.