General Donts to Know While Traveling to Japan

Japan has tons of things that keep every traveler happy and satisfied in every way during a vacation. These are some of the don’ts to keep in mind.


  1. Being Impatient – The best about Japan is that things tend to get sorted out in its own way. Therefore, if you are an impatient person then just let it go.
  2. Moving Around Too Much – There are tons of things to see and activities to do in Japan. Make sure you give enough time to appreciate the surroundings of a tourist destination and then move over to the next.
  3. Eating Non-Japanese – Japan is home to some of the weirdest yet finest cuisines in the world. You are bound to find your favorite burgers from Mcdonald’s or sub from Subway. However, make sure you give Japanese food a try before ending in disappointment.
  4. Getting into an Onsen without a Shower – Onsen is the Japanese version of enjoying a hot water bath. However, it is absolutely important to take a shower first before jumping in. People are nude however, nobody cares.
  5. Not Wearing Socks – It is recommended to wear a shoe without laces that is easy to take it off and wear them back on. If you happen to wear such type of shoes, then make sure you at least a good pair of clean socks to keep the dirty smell off of your feet.
  6. Not Reading –Make sure you read a book about Japan before you start your travel.

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