Fundamentals of Selling Books on Amazon

I learned the hard way that the fundamentals of selling books on Amazon are the most important lesson that you can learn. When I first started, I winged it. I would haphazardly list books that I had around the house, textbooks that friends would give me, and just about any other kind of book you can think of. I even listed some for a penny and lost my shirt on some books!

These are ways that I personally want to learn. I will be happy to lose a little money upfront and chalk it up to the training if it will teach me something but you do not need it. I will explain the five fundamental principles that I have finally come to see after a few months of flailing around not knowing which direction to go when selling books on Amazon.

You can know about how to sell textbooks on amazon via

A pile of books

Learn what sells

Amazon Sales Rank study to determine what is popular.

Amazon research trend site to see what the book sales history looks like.

Learn what NOT to sell

Research what types of books will be for a dime.

book notices that do not have an image that is usually not very popular.

Note the types of books that have very high ratings (1,000,000) sales.

Competitive price

Notice the price of other sellers, the price of your book in the same ballpark.

Look at the seller's feedback ratings from others and think about how customers will see that in terms of price.

Determine the fair market price taking into consideration price, feedback, and conditions.

Describe your book properly