Determining the Needs of Your IT Infrastructure

As a company's IT needs evolve, more and more solutions have emerged that provide business support in operating IT services and infrastructure.

While many of these solutions provide significant added value, companies need to research carefully and choose which one makes the most sense given their specific IT needs.

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There are a number of service levels to choose from, particularly with IT infrastructure outsourcing (ITO). As organizational infrastructure needs in the 21st century increase, organizations are turning to data centers to manage those needs more effectively.

However, before you jump, you have to be careful to make a decision. ITO can definitely help your company cut costs and work more efficiently, but only if you choose the right ITO solution for your needs.

First of all. Before going straight to an ITO solution, you must first determine whether it matches your company's core competencies. Just because other companies do this doesn't mean it's a wise investment for your business.

Then take a look at your current IT infrastructure. What are the advantages? Which areas need improvement the most? Are there any lost opportunities to upgrade your system?

The answer to this question may require an examination of your current IT costs. See exactly where your IT money is going and check for leaks. Think about which areas will benefit most from outsourcing management.

Take your answers to questions three and four and organize them. Between the weak spots and areas of inefficient costs, you need to get a good idea of what your organization is asking for from ITO providers.