Dead Sea Salt And Its Therapeutic Properties

Dead Sea Salt is a natural product derived from the Dead Sea located in Israel. It is 100% natural, harvesting from the Dead Sea where the mineral content is probably the highest in the world. It's the only Optically Clean Salt available anywhere. This special method uses powerful jets of water to quickly and effectively remove the insoluble salts, mineral salts, and naturally-occurring impurities which are usually combined in natural seawater making it the purest, cleanest salt available anywhere!

According to the Institute of Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the high levels of magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, and bromine found in Dead Sea Salt, makes it an extremely effective treatment for improving the quality of your skin. Bromine is an anti-bacterial agent and salt which helps in reducing pain and improving blood circulation. Calcium is known as a mineral that helps in maintaining a healthy skin tone and prevents the onset of skin diseases like psoriasis. Potassium is a mineral that increases your energy levels and helps in improving your stamina.

The therapeutic properties of Dead Sea salts have been proven across the world. Apart, from its many medical benefits, they are also used as a home remedy for treating such common problems as headaches, joint pains, skin problems, respiratory problems, etc. Its therapeutic properties are believed to be due to its high mineral content. The therapeutic properties of Dead Sea Salt include the ability to increase the blood flow to the brain; increase the blood supply to the kidney, heart, and muscles and thus help in treating diabetes. The therapeutic properties also include the ability to improve the immune system and strengthen the body's natural healing ability.

Another very common problem that is met with by many people today is psoriasis. The beneficial effect of this bath salts can also be directly seen in the patients suffering from psoriasis. The mineral contents of this sea salt help in minimizing the symptoms of psoriasis and hence provides relief to them. This bath salt is also very beneficial for treating other skin related problems like eczema. It is very effective in reducing the itching, swelling, and redness caused by dry skin.

The salt forms a very essential component of luxury bath salts. Apart from its soothing effect and relaxing effect on the body, it also forms an active ingredient in the formulation. The therapeutic properties of this bath salt act as a mild laxative. This bath salt is very useful for relieving constipation and it also acts as an astringent and anti-bloating agent. Moreover, the minerals found in Dead Sea salts form an important ingredient in a number of moisturizers and skincare products. The sea salt is also very beneficial for cleaning the hair and skin.

The therapeutic properties of the Dead Sea salts are obtained through the process of dissolution. During the process of dissolution, the water acquires the characteristic property of being highly soluble in nature. The salt thus acquires the characteristic of becoming water-soluble and thus becomes easily soluble in other liquids like alcohol and oil. When this bath salt is dissolved in water, it forms a solution that aids in the dissolving process of various substances like collagen, fat deposits, dead cells, mucous and gum tissues.

There are a number of essential oils that can be diluted with the bath salt. These essential oils have their own healing and therapeutic properties and they can be used for skin treatment. For example, lemon juice mixed with the bath salt forms a natural tonic for treating dry skin. Similarly, Rosemary essential oils can be diluted with the salt of the Dead Sea. The essential oils added with the salt of the Dead Sea can form a wonderful smelling bath salt that can soothe the mind as well as the body.

The magnesium content of bath salt is quite high when compared to table salt and it has the ability to absorb magnesium ions from water. Thus when the person uses it for the first time, the effect on the skin will be immediate and pleasant. If one mixes the Epsom salt with baking soda, the magnesium content gets even higher and it is a wonderful amalgamation that is known to rejuvenate the muscles and bones. Thus people can relax with the aid of essential oil such as lavender essential oil coupled with a fine quality Epsom salt.