Bicycle Repairs That Are Actually Better Left To A Bike Shop

For most riders, bike repair is part of a hobby, however, this can be a daunting task like working on an automobile. While getting the bike back on the road usually does not take more than an hour, there are several projects that fall within a gray area "should I try DIY or just say goodbye?" or took the bike to the store.

The answer varies on an individual's expertise. If your experience in such an undertaking is quite limited, it is advised to leave this job on an expert. You can find a good bicycle repair shop in Oslo through but here is the most common problem in which questions that may need to be answered.

Out of true wheel

A wheel that vibrates or unbalanced can be annoying but there is some give and take is allowed. This is especially noticeable if you have a bike upside down and rotate the wheel – it may look lopsided as all getup but when the weight of the rider on it there is no play at all.

Stuck Seat Post

There is nothing more frustrating than having a seat stuck in an uncomfortable position because the posts were confiscated that will not allow you to adjust. This is often caused by a rusty post into place after years of storage and essentially become welded to the opening.


Many people have tried to tune up their bikes, but almost to a T, they agree that it's a better job left to the bike shop. For one, the stores just have the tools and skills that make them well worth the $ 50 or more the cost of the service.