Things To Know When Renting With Pets

Having pets can be a challenge at times. This is especially true when you need a property for lease. Most renters find it very difficult to find pet-friendly rental properties. You must have patience and need to conduct thorough research to find a friendly apartment.

Here are some guidelines to help you find pet-friendly rent in London!

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Lots of Research:

Finding a pet-friendly rental is not as easy as finding townhomes or rental rooms. You must have a lot of patience. You should allow sufficient time for thorough research. Start checking the ads and contact the real estate agent, brokers, friends, coworkers, etc. at least 4 to 5 months before your current lease expires. You can even inquire with the animal care and control agencies serving in the area where you are planning to move.

Being a responsible citizen:

You need to train your dog well. There are several classes for the training; you can enroll your dog in one. Make sure that you stay hygienic, quieter and do not become a nuisance to neighbors. Keep spayed or neutered and vaccinated against rabies.

Letters of reference from the current owner:

Gather letters of reference from the current owner stating that you are a responsible owner. This will help you to convince your next landlord.

Willing to pay extra:

Make sure you pay an additional deposit or rent to the owner to cover damage to the property; it makes your strength. If necessary, give the same in writing.

Arrange to meet and greet your furry pet with the owner:

If the homeowner is not sure about accepting you, you can arrange to meet and greet your furry with homeowners. Taking to meet with prospective homeowners allows homeowners to see how clean, tidy, and well behaved your pet is.