Taking Business Students On A Field Trip

As you develop learning activities for your class, it can be a challenge at times to find new assignments or projects that stimulate student involvement in class and generate their interest in course topics. How about bringing your students on a field trip?

Field trips have been used in traditional classrooms as a means to bring students into real-world environments that allow them to explore aspects of the business world from a direct perspective. One can get to know more about student tours and educational travel through an online search.

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If you want students to conduct actual field trips, you can develop an activity, individually or in groups, to visit an organization or small business and talk with managers, leaders, or business owners as a way to get a real-world perspective that they can share with the class.

Students can focus on learning about the characteristics or traits that contribute to the success of the business or organization. It's possible to show students how the success of an organization depends on the contribution and performance of all employees in all departments.

Students can also learn about the nature of the business cycle and the strategies used during challenging economic times.

You can also ask students to examine organizational leadership instead and examine the characteristics or traits that contribute to the success of the leader.

What students often find is that success does not happen overnight and the journey to success involves hard work, determination, failure, perseverance, and a strong mindset.