Solar Pool Heating Systems – Solar Pool Blanket

A swimming pool is a nice luxury for the home to have. But let's face it, if you live in the north, the season you can use your swimming pool is only three, maybe four months old. A solar pool heater may be just the thing you need to extend the season a month or more.

Solar heaters can be economical to heat the pool because of the heat source is essentially free. The cost of a solar heating system can vary due to the type of heating system you choose.

The most economical and simple solar heating system for your pool is solar pool covers. This blanket helps warm your pool is important to your way. If you are looking for eco-friendly solar cover reels for inground pools then you are in the right place.

Water molecules, when they evaporate into the atmosphere, taking the heat with them. So the first thing to do is the pool blankets keep the water from evaporating, thus cutting heat loss.

The solar blanket also helps hold heat inside by cutting down on simple radiation reduction. Blankets are transparent, so the third thing they do is allow sunlight to penetrate into the water, bringing heat to the heating water.

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The swimming pool solar covers also typically have a "bubble" in it which performs two services for blankets. First, they direct more sunlight into the interior of the pool and they also provide more value for the insulation blankets.

A better quality of solar pool covers consist of UV resistant plastic that is both resistant to the chemicals used in the pool. Solar blankets may be cut with a utility knife or scissors to custom fit to your pool.

They are available for both above grounds and below ground pools. Blankets can be folded for storage, or you can purchase a solar blanket reels reel for easy, neat storage.

Other common systems to heat the swimming pool is solar collectors. These systems circulate the pool water through the solar collectors, where it is heated, and then back to the pool. This is an effective system of heating the pool.

Solar collectors are usually installed in homes or other buildings close to the pool. Water is usually transferred from the filter system, fed through solar thermal collectors and then back to the pool.