Shackles are Used as a Multi Tasker

Shackles are key to having a safe load. They are what connect the rope lift for a crane to move. They also point connection for most cording on a ship. Without them, the ship will not be able to function nearly as effectively as it could be.

This little tool comes in various designs and sizes to match the job at hand. They are also found outside the shipping and boating world. In fact, you probably have some in your home right now. You can buy an adjustable shackle from

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While often used as a connection point on a ship, which is not only their job. Yes, the shackles are needed and used on ships to load and unload cargo. And yes, they are also used on board to secure a load, and a sailboat, they are often used to secure ropes.

With a wide range, shackles are now being produced it is not surprising to find them popping up everywhere. If you go to your local park, you'll see them on every swing. They are what connect the cradle to the chains, and the chains to the frame.

This simple little tool has been around for decades, which is used on many ships, and in most regions of the world shipping. Today it can be found almost anywhere you look.