Kitchen Countertops in Austin

As the owner of a custom fabrication company, these are the designs and styles that are frequently commissioned by homeowners for their remodeling and construction projects. And you can see these kitchen countertops designs are the most featured projects in recent issues of architectural digests and home interior design catalogs.

You can also buy natural quartz for kitchen countertops In Austin, TX.

natural quartz countertops

Natural Stone Countertops: Elegant and Sophisticated

Natural stone countertops although expensive are still preferred by those who want to add more value to their kitchen in particular and to their house in general. Custom kitchen countertops from natural stones are exceptionally durable; can withstand all the pounding, thumping, and scratching they will be subjected to.

Although marble countertops can be easily dented, cut, or scratched compared to granite and quartz all these can be easily prevented or repaired if you just follow your custom fabricator's expert advice. Heat will never be a problem with natural stone kitchen counters.

Appropriate polishing, sealing, and edging will bring out all the best features of a natural stone countertop. And the elegant sophisticated look that natural stone countertops will impart to your kitchen is just an added bonus. Or sometimes they look is what many people fall for.

Ceramic Tile Countertops: Classic and Ageless

Comes in a variety of textures, colors, and sizes that can be easily organized and installed, ceramic tiles can effortlessly enhance any customized kitchen design and style. Require high-level maintenance but loose or cracked tiles can be easily replaced, and repair/replacement work can be limited to the one, two, or more damaged tile only.