Kidney Dialysis – What to Expect

Kidneys shut down for various reasons, diabetes, allergy medicines and more. When they do and you have to start dialysis your whole life will change.

While dialysis is a lifesaver you should be aware of the machine used for 3-4 hours is not what your body needs to do within 48 hours. The next day after kidney dialysis you will feel less tired and have more energy normally.

Kidney Dialysis - What to Expect

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Why dialyzes change your life? Well, more than likely, you will have to get dialysis at least 3 times a week and 3-4 hours each time. If you go on vacation you have to plan well in advance where you will receive your dialysis.

If you live in the South and have a hurricane evacuation, you will be given a place to go that is safe for your dialysis, but more than likely you and your loved ones will be separated for the existing evacuation time.

Do not forget you also have to find a way to get back and forth to your dialysis center three times a week. You will need the support of your loved ones and their understanding of your condition when the kidneys fail.

The good news is that dialysis does not need to last forever for some people. You can try for a kidney transplant but be prepared for many, many tests before you put on the list to receive a new kidney.