How To Buy The Right Aquarium Chiller

Whether you have warm coral reefs or are an expert in cool seawater, an aquarium cooler is a great investment. Chiller allows you to grow a variety of cold-loving marine species that require cooler temperatures than you would like to keep at home or in the office.

For saltwater aquarium owners, rising water temperatures can be a real problem, as warmer saltwater holds less oxygen than cooler saltwater. If the water becomes too hot due to sunlight or heat from other aquarium equipment, marine organisms can become deprived of oxygen. You can also buy JBJ Arctica Titanium Chiller DBA-075 1/10HP via Marine Depot.

What is an aquarium cooler?

The aquarium cooler is a piece of equipment outside the aquarium that helps you keep the temperature of your saltwater aquarium constant. Just as you have an aquarium heater to heat the water to its optimal temperature, especially on cloudy days or winter months, this cooler cools the water and protects it from overheating.

Other aquarium equipments such as lighting fixtures and water pumps release heat into the water. The more devices you have, the more you may need a cooling service.

The cooler itself gives off a lot of heat. Careful planning needs to be done to ensure that the device is properly ventilated. Placing the cooler in a room with insufficient ventilation, such as an aquarium cabinet, can cause the water temperature to rise.

Another aspect of the cooler is that it will need to be installed in your aquarium. The sooner you decide to add one to your new aquarium setup, the easier it will be to plan and build all the necessary plumbing for it.