How can vision loss affect your life?

Many men and women live with a sight that restricts their usual tasks, a condition called low vision. Low vision can involve blurred vision, poor vision, loss of peripheral vision, or perhaps double vision. Regardless of the symptom, the immediate results are usually the same: trouble performing daily activities such as reading a newspaper, using a computer, watching television, cooking, or even crossing the street. Although there may not be a remedy, you will find video loupes and other low vision aids to help you.

Video magnifiers allow people with disabilities to participate in common and essential tasks and improve their quality of life. These devices magnify about 100x with autofocus. With all these low vision reading aids, people can read newspapers, medicine bottles, and novels; write tests, words and correspond to friends, look at photos and other things. If you are looking for an Austin Elmiron lawyer then you can visit

Video loupes have drastically altered vision rehabilitation in the past ten decades, and continued advances in technology create these effective assistive tools.

These products comprise a chamber mounted on a tray where the substance to be emptied is deposited. Some have a built-in track and are called "stand-alone" magnifiers. Others are made to connect to a television or personal computers.

This tray can be moved back and forth from side to side to place the desired portion of this material just below the chamber. The scanning tray is referred to as the "X / Y tray," around these x-y coordinates that indicate the vertical and horizontal position of the dots on a graph.