Chocolate Covered Gourmet Coffee Beans Are Unique Marketing Gifts

As a coffee store owner, you may have a java evening or a java day for every one of those countries once per week in your coffee shop and have an entire year full of entertaining events with which to attract new clientele and amuse your most faithful patrons. You can find the best and affordable coffee subscriptions at

You may set as much dash to it as you desire, for instance creating chocolate covered gourmet coffee beans out of a particular nation and package them into small gift boxes to contribute to your customers as parting gifts which serves you as an exceptional marketing and advertising present connected to an invitation to another event at your coffee shop.

In the event, you select Madagascar, have a unique menu for this week with meals out of Madagascar, play audio on the island and groom your employees there. If at all possible have an entertainer from Madagascar in your coffee store to highlight a particular day daily.

Be certain you are well stocked with chocolate coffee beans, these snacks are extremely popular and a lot of your patrons will probably purchase some as exceptional advertising and marketing present for family, friends, and business partners especially if your java week is near Valentine's Day, Mothers Day or Fathers Day. Chocolate-covered coffee beans have been appreciated by all and place no restriction on who's prepared to appreciate it.