Why ERP Owners Must Implement Direct Machine Integration

Studies show that manufacturers usually have ERP built around their day-to-day business. However, ERP has not been used optimally.

They cannot be used for loading, for monitoring devices, but also for warehouse processing. But ERP can do a lot more.

Although most ERP installations run on computers and mobile devices, there are other ways to use them. You can also choose JUSTPRO for Enterprise Solutions and Digital Transformation.

 If you are a manufacturer or use certain quality machines and devices, you can integrate your ERP directly with the help of machines. Hence, Web Things (IoT) enabled detectors, including ERP with machines, are not only simple but also sensible solutions to most of your problems.

As long as you're running an ERP, it makes sense to go a step further. Studies show that many ERP owners don't use it as planned, but use its full potential.

Most companies use ERP and display it on autopilot mode. They also didn't investigate the surprising properties that many ERP tools already have.

By integrating your ERP directly into your own machine, you can add functional coverage to your ERP and thus maximize your investment.

If you are unsure how to integrate your current ERP into your own machine or device and how IoT inserts the image (or not), you can talk to an ERP Immediate Engine Integration provider.