What are House Permits and Inspections?

County Approved Septic Design: The septic design comes from local civil engineers. The license application comes from the village, but the septic approval comes from the county. HVAC Diagram shows where your ductwork will.

Driveway Permission: In our case, this came from the Director of Public Works. If you are searching for a professional home inspection in San Antonio then you can visit various online sources.

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We should make provision for the pipes to be installed in under 24 minutes a paved apron at the end of the driveway. This allows runoff unimpeded access to the river end of the block.

Good state permit and township well permit if you dig your well. If there is a drought, they may put a hold on new good permits, which will put a hold on the entire project. So get it as soon as possible.

Plot and Zoning Plan Approval: Plot Plan will come from a local civil engineer. It is not the same as a survey, which will be required by the mortgage company. The plot plan shows the location of houses, roads, well and septic as well as the perimeter of the building envelope.

This is a set of drawings that will not come from the manufacturer of log homes. You and the plumber had to figure out where the fixtures will go, and if you live in the country remember that the pipes need to connect to your septic. (This permit is separate from the septic design permit).