Clean And Organize A Commercial Refrigeration Fridge

In a restaurant that relies on cleanliness, a cluttered, disorganized, and dirty fridge can be a big problem. A dirty refrigerator not only causes bacterial growth but also causes your refrigerator to use more electricity and shortens its lifespan.

In this blog post, we're going to take a step-by-step look at how you can clean and organize a commercial refrigerator, or freezer. To get more information about the best refrigeration case cleaning visit

refrigeration case cleaning

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Steps to cleaning your refrigerator

1. Unplug the capacitor and its windings

Dust and dirt suck up the energy generated in the condenser and chiller cooling coils by clogging the air inlets. Over time, dust and dirt can build up in your refrigerator, which can eventually clog the airflow.

As a result, your condenser and cooling coil must use more energy to breathe air and keep your refrigerator cool, resulting in a less efficient refrigerator and a higher electricity bill.

You can solve this problem by cleaning your fridge regularly. First, remove the protective grille at the top or bottom of the device. Clean the coil and fan to remove dirt and dust. Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum up dirt and replace the grill.

2. Clean the bottom and top of the refrigerator or freezer

Cleaning the area around your cooling equipment is just as important as cleaning the equipment itself. Wipe the floor under and around the refrigerator or freezer thoroughly.

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Advantages Of Regular Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Whether you operate a restaurant or have a full-service  kitchen in a busy establishment like a college or a hospital, then you know how crucial it is for your fridge to operate correctly constantly. Failure can quickly cause your operation to close down for the day, or more.

Taking proactive measures to protect against this challenge is critical for many professionals. By scheduling routine commercial refrigerator cleaning and maintenance, you may be sure that you won't need to take care of unforeseen troubles. 

refrigeration case cleaning

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Why Routine Commercial Fridge Maintenance Is Vital

1. Safeguard Life Expectancy

The typical life expectancy of a commercial fridge is roughly a decade. That figure is dependent mostly on how well you keep the appliance through time, however. 

During upkeep, your technician will inspect the condenser coils, wash out the unit thoroughly, check the gaskets that seal the door and cupboard, and guarantee that it's operating correctly. Maintaining your refrigerator in a working arrangement is essential to protecting its anticipated life span.

2. Save Energy

By scheduling regular business refrigeration upkeep, you can make certain the machine is functioning efficiently and is not jeopardized by an issue that's forcing it to work too difficult.

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