Significance Of Breakfast While On Dieting

Mornings are the busiest time of day for most people and this can lead to skipping breakfast. By breakfast time, your body has gone for about twelve hours without food. This means blood sugar levels are low and the body's metabolism has slowed down. 

Starting the day by eating a good breakfast, sets up a healthy eating pattern for the day. You will feel less tired and are less likely to overeat later in the day. For more information about food education, you can see here now.


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To lose weight, you need to eat regularly, to keep your body's metabolism active and burning calories. When you don't eat, your body goes into starvation mode and stops burning fat. Missing breakfast leads to sugar cravings, low energy, and an increased likelihood of snacking on unhealthy foods during the day. 

Eating irregularly during the day, also often leads to eating a large meal late in the day. Eating late means food is not used as energy and so is stored as fat. These are all good reasons for starting the day by eating a healthy breakfast.

Developing the breakfast habit

For many people, eating breakfast is just not part of their day. They don't even feel hungry. This is a habit that has taken time to develop and may take time to change. A good idea is to begin by eating a light breakfast. Here are a few suggestions:-

  • a piece of fruit and low-fat yogurt is a light, healthy option
  • a piece of whole-grain toast topped with your favorite sugar-free jam