Reiki Symbols – The Important Symbols on Reiki Attunements and Healing Process

Reiki symbols are Japanese forms derived from Sanskrit and are mainly influenced by this very old language. These symbols are ways to focus or center your attention to connect to "specific" healing frequencies.

They are used to help direct the flow of Ki and increase energy. These symbols are taught during the second level of Reiki by a Reiki specialist. They are written/pictorial symbols used in initiation and healing processes. You can know more about reiki distance symbol at

The energy involved, Ki, was and remains the origin of the whole body of Chinese medicine, where it is known as chi. His name is actually a mantra that helps connect to the energy of the symbol and means "the right consciousness is the origin of everything" or, better still, "the correct thought is the essence of being".

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During Reiki initiation, the energy of initiation makes Reiki symbols a stimulus and the particular energy represented by the symbol that is present during initiation becomes the answer.

During a harmonization, symbols connect you to energy and they are used to help you concentrate. The first reiki symbol of the three learned at stage 2 is the Cho Ku Rei and is used for protection and to focus energy. The other two are Hon Sha ze Sho Nen and Sei Hei Ki.

Use the first three Reiki Symbols in conjunction to give our client the optimal use of Reiki Energy. The initiations can only be given by a Reiki Master and can be used either to train one in Reiki, or simply to give someone a broader Reiki experience than is usually experienced in treatment. The importance of having true Reiki symbols is essential for proper tuning to be a Reiki channel.