Professional Tiler – Tile Successfully & Cheaply

You might get your tiles from DIY stores which is fine but do check out the local newspapers to shed tiles in your area – they'll have more on the screen and can offer you a good discount. You should be able to source your adhesive, grout, and tools from the same retailer. You need a shovel 6mm for the wall and 10mm for the floor.

4mm for mosaics. You need a tub of ready-made adhesive for the wall or ask for the best mix of quick sets for your floor. You need two empty buckets, a large sponge, grout float/squeegee, paddle for mixing powder, measure tape, spirit levels, tile cutter's: wet diamond cutter and scraper.

Check how much all this will cost you, and seriously consider if it is worth your purchase: most tilers will charge only a few hundred for the average bathroom or kitchen, and then you will not have the tools to roam after. You can rather head to companies like Gun Tiling that offer excellent tiling work on a minimum budget. 


It is well worth looking around a commercial tiler. You can ask your friends and family members who have previously used a professional tiler. Know if their experience with the tiler was good. Referrals are always a good source of information. Since the internet has become a great means where you can find about anything, tilers are certainly not an exception. You can go through their websites and get useful information. You can also ask them for a free quote.