How to Skydive Well

Anybody that has come across skydiving at anytime will be only too aware of all the myths surrounding this pastime. Here we will attempt to prove or dispel these myths once and for all.

This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the biggest myth of all when it comes to skydiving. Of course there is no truth whatsoever in this, otherwise everybody that goes skydiving is surely jumping to their death.

If you cannot breathe when skydiving then you would become unconscious. If this were to be the case then how would you manage to open your parachute safely and of course how would you land? If you want to learn skydiving then you can choose the best skydiving centre in Thailand.

Because of the wind that rushes past you whilst you are skydiving it is almost impossible for you to hear anything. Therefore this is another myth, and this has been brought about mainly due to the portrayal of skydiving in the movies because of the fact that you cannot hear anything whilst skydiving. The skydivers communicate by hand movements.

Again this has probably come about due to the influence of heroes in the movies. There is no way to say with any guarantee that this is in fact true. It may have occurred in the past but this is not to say that it will always happen.