How To Shop For Salon Towels?

Whether you’re a hairdresser, manicurist, barber, or esthetician, the tool you likely reach for most throughout the day, unsurprisingly, is a towel. Taking the time to choose the right towels can not only make a financial difference for your business, but also an aesthetic one. If you want to buy the best salon towels you can visit:

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In most situations, these linens must be durable and able to withstand harsh chemicals, yet they also need to stay soft to the touch and feel comfortable to clients. Most of all, salon towels must retain their vibrant color, appearing fresh and clean after endless washing.

By educating yourself on the variety of towel materials and types, common mistakes to avoid when ordering, and proper care techniques, you can increase your chances of purchasing the perfect towel for your salon or spa at the most affordable price.

While most professional beauty suppliers will offer a variety of towel qualities to meet all budgets, a savvy salon owner should carefully consider the value of a higher-cost towel.

More expensive towels should offer both better construction and higher quality materials. Look for tight, high-quality stitching, double-turned edges, and advanced hemming, all of which will extend the life of your towel after repeated cycles in the washer and dryer.

Towel size needs will vary by the station in your salon; spa towels will be much larger than nail or hair towels. Pay close attention to the listed size of the towels you are considering and keep in mind that towels, especially those made of cotton materials, will shrink considerably in the wash. Most cotton towel brands recommend accounting for a 10% decrease in size after the first wash.