Eat Well and Keep Your Blood Sugar Level Under Control

A common issue that individuals face is their doctor tells them they need to control their diet but don't provide them practical examples of things to eat and what to avoid. Here, you've made a couple of sensible, realistic, and healthy suggestions on which a diabetic should eat to control blood sugar levels. You can search for the best diabetes doctor near me at for your fast recovery.

Have variety in your daily diet but have a balanced meal with all the food groups, that contains cereals like wheat, rice, etc. + legumes or divide dals + greens + vegetables + milk or curd. Ensure that you add a cup of uncooked vegetable salad also.

  • Eat small regular meals.
  • Eat a complete fruit involving 2 foods as a snack rather than as part of your meal.
  • Eat exactly the very same quantities of food at the period daily, but ensure that you don't leave a gap of over 3 to 4 hours without eating anything.
  • Eat a lot of complex carbohydrate foods, high-fiber foods like whole cereals such as wheat, ragi (finger millet), unpolished rice, oats; entire pulses like legumes, cowpea, chickpea, green leafy veggies, and uncooked vegetables. Every one of these foods trigger just a slow increase in blood glucose since the fiber material slows down the release of glucose.
  • Cut down on desserts, sweets, sweetened soft drinks, cakes, and snacks. In these foods, the glucose is consumed quickly and consequently causes blood sugar levels to rise faster.
  • Eat a lot of fresh veggies and some fruits for soluble fiber and fiber. Fruits make a perfect snack between meals but beware of eating quite sweet fruits like mangoes, jackfruit, custard apple, sapota (chiku), or berry due to their influence on your blood glucose level (rises quickly ).
  • Be sure that you eat legumes and dals as a piece of two meals every day. Individuals who eat non-vegetarian foods may consist of fish, poultry or egg rather.