Digital Signage – Four Things You Need to Know

If you are new to digital signage and want to find out where it belongs in the communications landscape, here are four basic principles you can use to put digital signage into context. You can also get the best service of digital signage in Canada.

Dynamic News: Digital text turns boring static characters into dynamic combinations of video, graphics, text, and animation that can communicate and influence viewers closer to television than a print poster.

Easily Changeable: Unlike characters that need to be reprinted to update a message, the text and graphics of digital signage can change over a period of time to reflect the exact message needed at any given time.

Scheduled to Maximize Impact: Because digital characters are easy to update, they can playback the messages needed to attract a changing audience throughout the day. For example, a digital sign outside a hotel restaurant could entice early risers to visit in the morning for breakfast, switch to lunch in the afternoon, featuring an elegantly decorated specialty table for evening dinners, and advertise featured music performances at the salon after dinner.

Convenience and Reliability: The fact that digital signs – as in the living rooms of most Canadian households – are based on LCD and plasma screens, and even CRT screens, and can make news as exciting as anything else on a TV at any given time, gives a level of media confidence. which is easy to take for granted but difficult for other new media to achieve.