Cuban Cigar Factory Tour – Amazing Experience

Cuban tobacco is famous as the world’s greatest Cuban cigars . Cuban cigar factory tour will demonstrate the way cigar pros create these famed cigars which are preferred by connoisseurs and stars worldwide. 

An English speaking guide will take you on a travel tour where you learn about Cuban cigars in detail, the various brands, and the way to best love them. Cigar workshop excursion is the most amazing experience one should must have as recommended by many. 

The first place to visit is a factory of cigars, where you are going to tour with a specialization mill guide through the many regions of cigar manufacturing, from sorting to rolling into packaging. Here you will find out about the differences in the way the different Cuban cigar manufacturers are created.

In the mill we visit a cigar store where the manual will provide you advice about the best cigars to your budget and taste, and how to prevent common tourist traps. In the local cigar museum you will encounter some of the background of cigar culture of Cuba. 

There are a few iconic collectors things that will be shown associated with cigar manufacturing in Cuba, such as lithography and pipes from other periods . A Cuban cigar sommelier will reveal to you the traditional way to light a cigar using a bamboo stick and direct you through the ritual to properly appreciate a cigar