Beginners Guide To Driving A Stick Shift

If you're a car enthusiast chances are you already are well versed in manual transmissions and how to drive a stick shift car. However, most people don't even know what a manual transmission is much less how to drive a stick. Whether you already know how to operate a clutch and gearbox or you have never even heard of this piece of equipment, you can learn how to improve your skills from watching experts on the internet. One particularly thorough video posted on YouTube teaches all of the skills needed to drive a stick shift in less than 30 minutes. You can learn all of the basic stuff for beginners in the first portion of this video, but if you stick around to the end you will learn even more.

Later in the video you will get to see many examples of rev matching, and you'll also learn valuable information about how to avoid damaging your stick shift car. Matt explains what a money shift is in his video, and why you need to avoid downshifting your vehicle too aggressively when learning how to drive a stick shift. If you've never heard of downshifting or rev matching, you'll be able to learn some new skills in this video that will be able to put you in the driver seat of a vehicle with a clutch and manual gearbox soon. If you just want to stick to your automatic vehicle you don't need to learn any of this rubbish if you don't want to.