Barcelona Chair – A Design Icon

The Barcelona Chair, sometimes also known as the Pavilion Chair, was designed by Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion in 1929 to travel to Spain for an international exhibition hosted by Barcelona. They were created to complement the pavilion during the exhibition. 

With their elegant shape, they are more likely to be regarded as sculptural objects. An icon of modernity and still looks like modern furniture today, the design is inspired by the campaign and folding chairs from ancient times. If you want to look at one of the Barcelona chair models then you can search the web.

The design was changed in 1950, initially fastened with screws, but the new frame is made of stainless steel which allows it to be a piece of metal giving it a more refined look. The pork skin was also introduced.

In 1953 van der Rohe gave up the rights and his name to Florence Knoll's design because he knew that the design patent had expired. This collaboration renewed its popularity in design and has since become an iconic and popular piece.

There are many reproductions of this classic. Designer furniture stores around the world offer these chairs at lower prices, which are much more affordable without compromising on quality. Also available in many beautiful colours and fabrics.

From bright orange cashmere to skin reds to purples and browns, there are enough colours to suit everyone. Leather chairs are usually available immediately, but with many cashmere colours, an 8 week wait period is not uncommon, as they are made to order.