An USB Based Vault to Keep Your Valuable Information Safe

The world wide web has put banking and purchasing at our fingertips. It is as simple as typing and clicking. Nonetheless, there are all those usernames and passwords to remember and shield. You can choose the best password vault at

ID Vault supplies a USB security token using an embedded smart card processor which makes it simple to use. ID Vault recalls all your usernames and passwords. You simply need to recall just one PIN number and you may be automatically signed in to your account with just a couple of mouse clicks. If your ID Vault is stolen, then nobody can access your data without your PIN.

There are 3 Easy Actions to Applying this Vault;

1. Connect your ID Vault to a USB port.

2. Opt for the internet account that you wish to log into.

3. Input your ID Vault PIN to unlock your own username and password.

Protection Against Three Common Procedures of Identity Theft:

o phishing

o pharming

o keystroke logging

It encrypts and stores usernames and passwords to get up to 100 online accounts and also charge card info for as much as 25 credit cards. ID Vault includes a reliable network of over 7,000 websites.

System Requirements

* Windows XP or Windows Vista

*Internet Explorer version 6.0 or greater

* Minimum 600 MHz chip

Software reviewers have discovered ID Vault simple to use. Consumers agree that ID Vault is simple and can really help. On the other hand, the largest consumer complaints concerning this service demand financial institutions and customer shopping websites that aren't harmonious with ID Vault.